Why choose QRS

The QRS programme has many benefits for those who use its services. These include:

Strong Patient Voice

The patient and service user voice is strongly reflected in our reviews. Our quality panel is chaired by a service user.

Enable Improvement

QRS reports are written with enough detail to support improvement.

Catalyst for Change

Taking the opportunity to ask others for their view is a strong beginning of an improvement journey.

Improve learning

Our reviewers learn so much from working with organisation. We share learning.


We work with you to maximise the improvement

Incredibly Good Value for Money

A Quality Review Service review is cheaper than other types of review. We do not make a profit nor subsidise other programmes.

About your story

Not anyone else’s Our reviewers are trained to listen to your story and to prompt you to tell it well.

UKAS Accredited

The only NHS Inspection body to be accredited to the UKAS standard.

Invited not mandated

We recognise you invite us to support your improvement, we respect your drive to make services even better.


Quality Review Service is a highly respected organisation both for the quality of its process but also for the quality of its trained reviewers.

QRS work used Nationally

Standards produced by QRS are used in national service specifications and other guidance. The QRS team lead programmes outside of the UK.

Pathway multidisciplinary approach

Reviews are focused on a pathway or patient journey, not on a particular ward or building. Standards will usually include primary care and commissioning standards too.