Become a reviewer

Acting as a QRS reviewer is a great opportunity for development and learning, counts toward CPD for staff and can be used to support revalidation.

It also supports the development of your own service through reflection, learning and networking.

A copy of the reviewer person specification is available. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please do contact us.

NHS Professional

NHS reviewers can self-nominate but must be approved by their line manager. They can also be nominated by their employing organisation’s QRS lead.

User reviewers are nominated through a variety of routes, depending on the review.

Reviewers need to:

  • Be committed to implementation of the Quality Standards for the service they will be reviewing.
  • Have good communication and inter-personal skills including:
  1. Ability to listen and understand the views of others
  2.  Ability to probe and search for evidence on which to base conclusions
  3. Ability to observe and draw conclusions from observation
  4. Tact and diplomacy at all times, including when faced with difficult issues
  5. Ability to work as a member of a team, respecting the contributions of others
  • Have the ability to prepare well and accurately record findings
  • Have the ability to analyse issues, evaluate information and draw conclusions from evidence received
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Users and carers

User and Carer Representatives Person Specification

Do you have experience of using NHS services?

Would you like to use your knowledge to help NHS organisations improve the quality of services?

User and carer representatives are an important part of our review teams.  If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please contact Sarah Broomhead on 07976 499580 for further information or email

What is expected?

  • You would like to help NHS organisations improve their services.
  • It does require a bit of time from you, but we will pay your travel expenses via public transport or car mileage.
  • You will need to be available to attend a half day reviewer training and undertake at least one quality review visit. Visits are full days often starting at 8.30am.
  • You will be working with a range of health professionals and will need to have the ability to commit to and work as an equal member of the review team.

Benefits of being a reviewer

Being a QRS reviewer is hard work but good fun. Nearly all reviewers find that they have used the experience to improve their own service. All reviewers do a half day training. Each review visit is usually only one day for clinical reviewers – although may be two or three days for user reviewers, commissioners and senior managers. Potential benefits include:

Learning about how other services are organised

Sharing good practice with colleagues from other areas

Helping colleagues to improve the care they are able to offer

Preparing for your own peer review visit

Time spent reviewing other services also contributes towards your continuing professional development (CPD) and can be included in your CPD portfolio

Our training events

Training sessions will resume in the Autumn

Video conferencing guide

Frequently asked questions

What do I gain?

As a reviewer you have the opportunity to work collaboratively with others, to support organisations in improving the quality of their services.

You can be influential to the overall learning and development of
those involved at all stages of the Quality Review Service (QRS) programmes, as well as informing those with operational and strategic roles in planning, commissioning and managing

It allows you to learn from the ‘inside’ about good practice and how services operate.

Who can be a reviewer?

Lay reviewers need to have some knowledge and understanding of how the NHS works and some knowledge and understanding of health services. You must also be interested in helping NHS organisations to improve their services.

As for all our reviewers, you need to have the ability to commit to and work as an equal member of the
review team.

As part of the selection process we would require you to complete a reviewer application form. Once we
have received this we will contact you to arrange a phone interview with you.

All lay reviewers do need to have a current health or social-care related DBS or be risk-assessed by
QRS prior to undertaking a review.

What do visits entail?

We visit NHS organisations both across the West Midlands (including, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire) and also run national programmes.

We take groups of professionals and lay people (peers) and review the organisations evidence against agreed standards. As part of these visits we also meet with a wide range of staff, managers and service users.

We will not ask you to review a service that is in the same area where you live, or one where you have worked recently, but apart from that you can choose which visits you are interested in joining.

How will I know what to do?

We will ask you to attend a training session. Once you have undertaken the training we contact you to see if you would like to undertake a visit.

We will also guide you on the visit so that you know what to do.

All reviewers (professional and lay) are a little nervous initially but most reviewers enjoy the experience.

Will it cost me anything?

It does require time from you, both in preparation and on the day.

Usually your host employer will meet your travel costs, as joining a review is an excellent example of CPD.

For our Lay reviewers, we will meet your reasonable travel costs. WE can book your tickets in advance and have

Refreshments and lunch are provided during the day.

What time commitment is there?

In addition to the training time, reviews are normally one to three days and we would prefer the same reviewers for all the days if at all possible.

There is a little preparatory work but this is not more than an hour or two and the same amount of time will be needed to check the report after the visit  to ensure we have accurately reflected what you told us.

The days are quite long with us starting at 8.30am and finishing around 5.00pm.

We also ask that you read the draft of the report promptly.

Who can I contact for more information?

Sarah Broomhead, Assistant Director, Quality Review Service by:

Phone: 07976 499580