Quality Standards, suitable for use in quality reviews are fundamental to the clinical review processes used by QRS. Quality Standards are usually measures of structure and process quality (rather than outcomes).

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A wide range of QRS Standards are available on request.

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28th April 2021 1

Quality Standards – Theatre and Anaesthetic Services V3



3rd December 2020 1

Towards Children and Young People’s Emotional Health and Well-Being



2nd April 2020 1

Quality Standards – Clinical and Quality Governance V2



25th October 2019 1

Quality Standards – Care of Older People Living with Frailty



1st June 2019 1

Quality Standards – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease V2.3



1st April 2019 1

Quality Standards – Children and Young People’s Palliative Care V2.3



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Bespoke standards

You may have a need for a specific set of standards in a specialist area. QRS has a process for developing specific standards sets that is accredited by UKAS. Our team can work with you to meet your needs.

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Why use Quality Standards

We aim that through the use of the Quality Standards:

1. People with long-term conditions and their families and carers will know more about the services they can expect.

2. Commissioners will be supported in assessing and meeting the needs of their population with long-term conditions, improving health and reducing health inequalities, and will have better service specifications.

3. Service providers and commissioners will work together to improve service quality.

4. Service providers and commissioners will have external assurance of the quality of local services.

5. Reviewers will learn from taking part in review visits.

6. Good practice will be shared.

7. Service providers and commissioners will have better information to give to the Care Quality Commission, NHSI and other regulators.

Archived Content

Over the past 10 years, the Quality Review Service has written a number of standards. These are now past their review date and there has been no request from organisations to use them. In line with the QRS policy agreed by the board, these have been archived and are not routinely available. If you wish to discuss any of these please contact a member of the QRS team qrs@nhs.net.

The archived standards are:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Critical Care Services
  • Enhanced Primary Care Services
  • Eye Care Pathway
  • Falls and Fragility Fractures Pathways
  • Gynaecology Patient Pathway
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Long-Term Conditions
  • Mental Health Services
  • Musculo-Skeletal Patient Pathway
  • Out-Patient Procedures
  • Problem Alcohol Use Pathway
  • Progressive & Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Transfer from Acute Hospital Care and Intermediate Care
  • Urgent & Emergency Care
  • Vascular Disease