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Quality Standards, suitable for use in quality reviews are fundamental to the clinical review processes used by QRS. Quality Standards are usually measures of structure and process quality (rather than outcomes).

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A wide range of QRS documents are available. You can search by type of document (for example, Quality Standards, review reports), by the review programme you are interested in or by the organisation you want to know about.

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1st October 2018

Quality Standards – Health Services for People with Haemoglobin Disorders, V4

1st August 2018

Quality Standards – Generic Patient Pathway V2



1st July 2018

Self-Assessment – Inherited and Aquired Bleeding Disorders V1

1st July 2018

Quality Standards – Inherited and Aquired Bleeding Disorders V1

15th December 2017

Quality Standards – Stroke & Transient Ischaemic Attack Patient Pathway V2



1st October 2017

Quality Standards – Dementia Services V2



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Bespoke standards

You may have a need for a specific set of standards in a specialist area. QRS has a process for developing specific standards sets that is accredited by UKAS. Our team can work with you to meet your needs.

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